Photos With Santa by Clair Pruett Studios!

With Thanksgiving only one week away, it’s hard to believe that it’s already time to start gettng back into the holiday spirit! And what better way to start your holiday season than to check those family Christmas photos off the list?


Join us TOMORROW, November 21st for a Holiday Open House at our Greenville, DE studio to help kick off the holiday season! Stop by the Greenville Crossings Shopping Center any time between 5 and 8  to see all the holiday themed specials and events at the Greenville shops! Be sure to visit our photographers  in the lobby by Joseph A. Banks and  you and your family could even get a professional photo taken with the one and only Santa Claus! Hope to see you there!

For more information, please contact our Greenville studio:

4001 Kennett Pike

Greenville Crossing 2: Suite 238

Greenville, DE 19087



Andrea & Ernie’s Summer Wedding!


It’s always sad to see another summer come to an end. As the weather begins to cool down and leaves slowly begin to fall, we find ourselves shocked at how quickly the season passed us by! But before September comes once again, we’re going to do all we can to enjoy what’s left of this fantastic time of year!

For Andrea and Ernie, the warmth of summer holds a special significance. Back in 2008, their story began on the shores of Sea Isle City, NJ while staying in a beach house with mutual friends. Four years later, Ernie popped the question with Scrabble tiles- a game that he and Andrea loved to play during their summers by the shore.

So it’s only natural that our happy couple would create a beautiful beach-inspired wedding! To remind them of their happy summers together, Andrea and Ernie tried to incorporate a variety of Sea Isle inspired elements. In addition to the light, summery color palette (a mixture of vibrant blues and pale pinks), we noticed an adorable guestbook made of Sea Isle postcards and a special signature drink from Andrea and Ernie’s favorite sea-side bar, The Ocean Drive. Andrea even added a little extra flare to her day with spots of leopard print in her bridesmaids’ bouquets and shoes! Not only was it her favorite pattern, but it also served as the theme for her bridal shower only a few months earlier!

All of these elements blended together perfectly for Andrea and Ernie’s special day. After a heart-warming ceremony at St. Monica’s Church in Philadelphia, we got some fantastic shots of our newlyweds and their bridal party. Thanks to the absolutely gorgeous August weather (sunny and 86 degrees!) we were able to visit sites like City Hall and the Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing which served as the perfect mix of city and shore and gave a nice variety to Andrea and Ernie’s photos. The day came to a close at one of Philadelphia’s hottest wedding venues, Tendenza, where guests had a fantastic time celebrating with our happy couple. It was the perfect close to a perfect day for Andrea and Ernie before they headed off to sunny Aruba, Miami, and of course, Sea Isle City for their honeymoon.

Congratulations Andrea and Ernie!! Thanks for letting us be a part of your lovely summer wedding and we wish you all the best in years to come!

Andrea & Ernie’s Wedding:


Fun in the Summer Sun!

With summer officially here and the warm weather beating down on us, it’s time to start kicking back and enjoying this awesome time of year! We absolutely love when people take advantage of the summer sun and choose to do a fun family session in the great outdoors… especially when it involves a much needed trip to the beach!

Our summer started off with a fantastic beach session just a few weeks ago. We met up with a large family of over fifty people in Avalon, NJ to help put together a fantastic photo shoot in celebration of their grandparents’ anniversary. Like most days at the beach, it was a little windy, but we were still able to get some fantastic shots and the family looked like they had a great time! We could’n’t have asked for a better way to kick off summer 2013 and we can’t wait for some more sessions in the fabulous summer sun!


Victoria & William’s Greystone Wedding!

Greystone Hall in West Chester, PA is always a popular summertime venue. With the beautiful, stately manor looking over the gorgeous grounds, brides are given the perfect location for some lovely and elegant outdoor photos. This was certainly the case for our newlyweds, Victoria and William!


Our day started off in the early afternoon as we met up with Victoria and her bridesmaids at their home in Avondale, PA. While her bridesmaid’s set the color palette for the rest of the day in their exquisite lavender dresses, Victoria looked stunning in her fitted lace gown with adorable cap sleeves. Once everyone was ready, we made our way to St. Malachy Chapel where Victoria and William would finally become husband and wife! After a heartfelt ceremony, we immediately left for Greystone so we could get a few formals in before the reception. In addition to the traditional poses with friends and family, we got some great creative shots of the happy couple at some of Greystone’s most popular locations. Victoria and William’s artistic and creative taste was definitely helpful and a great asset to this fantastic afternoon.

For the rest of the evening, everyone headed into the massive outdoor tent set up just outside the Greystone mansion. Thankfully, it was a beautiful summer evening and everyone had a great time dancing under the stars. It was the perfect close to a lovely summer day.

Congratulations Victoria and William! We’re so happy for you and are so grateful that we could be a part of your special day! Best of luck in the years to come!

Victoria & William’s Wedding:

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Melissa & Martin’s Philadelphia Wedding!

The threat of rain during a summer wedding is always a bit frightening, but Melissa and Martin’s special day turned out to be gorgeous, despite some mid-day drizzling.

We started early in the afternoon at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Philadelphia, where Melissa, Martin, and the rest of their bridal party prepared for the events ahead. Melissa looked lovely in her fit and flare gown and her bridesmaids added a perfect pop of color with their royal blue dresses and bold summer flowers.

Once the girls were ready, Melissa and Martin shared a very special and heartfelt first meeting. We decided to take advantage of this fantastic moment by getting some shots of the soon-to-be newlyweds around the hotel before heading into the city with the rest of the bridal party. We then decided to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for some great formals. It was a great time getting to know our happy couple and their enthusiastic bridal party!

As the sky began to grow darker, we knew it was time to head to out. We made our way to Vie in center city for the ceremony and reception. Because we were able to get most of our shots early in the day, Melissa and Martin were able to enjoy non-stop fun with friends and family – even in the midst of rain. CTO Park Central provided some great music and was able to get everyone on their feet during the reception. It turned out to be fantastic evening and a great celebration for all!

Congratulations Melissa and Martin! We’re so happy to have been a part of your day and we wish you all the best in the years to come!

Melissa & Martin’s Wedding!


Natasha & Phil’s Hotel DuPont Wedding!

We absolutely LOVED taking part at Natasha and Phil’s Wedding last weekend at the Hotel DuPont! Thanks to their attention to detail, their energy, and their happy spirit, we were able to get some fantastic shots and everyone had an incredibly fun time!


We met up with Natasha and her bridesmaids early in the afternoon at their suit in the Hotel DuPont. While the girls were getting ready, we were able to check out all the little details that Natasha had so carefully put together. Being a huge fan of crafting, she made sure that everything was absolutely perfect. Perhaps her biggest accomplishment was all the bouquets. While the bridesmaids showed off their hot pink, lime green, and orange flowers, Natasha impressed us all with her blinged out, homemade bouquet made entirely of broaches! It’s sparkle and shimmer perfectly matched the rest of her ensemble which included a jewel covered belt, a feathery purse, and hot pink high heels. But it wasn’t just the fancy accessories that captured our attention. Natasha was beaming from ear to ear the entire time and her happiness easily touched all her bridesmaids. While she tried to contain her excitement and get into her gorgeous fit and flare gown, we headed over to Phil’s room to get a few shots of him and his groomsmen. We were totally shocked when we walked in to find all of them in florescent lime green ties with matching argyle socks. Phil even wore a lime green shirt which easily stuck out underneath his light grey suit jacket.

Once everyone was ready, we took each group individually to a park across the street from the hotel to get some formal shots. This allowed us to have some time to get to know Phil and his men and Natasha and her bridesmaids before the day officially began. Phil’s groomsmen were especially energetic and helped keep the mood light and exciting.

Once we had gotten all our shots, Natasha simply couldn’t wait anymore to see Phil. Thankfully, we didn’t have to go far since the church was only around the corner from the Hotel DuPont so we all walked there together. St. Joseph’s turned out to be an adorable small church and served as the perfect setting for Natasha and Phil’s intimate ceremony.

Before we knew it, it was back to the hotel to get some more formals with our newlyweds and their friends and family. We were extremely lucky to have incredible weather so being back in the park was completely enjoyable. Just a few years ago, we had actually photographed and took video of Natasha’s brother’s wedding so it was nice to be able to see and work with him and his fantastic family again.

As we began to lose light, everyone headed inside for what would become an awesome reception! From the very beginning, Natasha and Phil’s party was impressive. Starting off with some great toasts from Natasha’s sister and Phil’s best men, the night seemed to just get better and better. Natasha and Phil shared an extremely heartfelt first dance before the rest of the bridal party swarmed out onto the dance floor into one giant group hug. Everywhere we looked, we could see evidence of Natasha’s attention to detail. A carefully placed basket of pink and purple flip flops were provided for guests who couldn’t wait to dance, a “Mr. and Mrs.” parasol was perfectly placed in front of the sweetheart table, and just outside the ballroom was a beautiful wooden chest made by Phil. On top, guests signed their names and wishes for the future next to an elegant frame that held a beautiful poem that Phil had written for his new bride. We were also extremely impressed by the outstanding dessert selections. Not only did out couple have a traditional wedding cake, but they also included a giant candy buffet, a dessert table filled with pies and cakes, a water ice station, and a dramatic flaming baked Alaska presented by the staff of the Hotel DuPont. These little details really added a personal touch the the reception and definitely impressed all of Natasha and Phil’s guests.

With the help of Todd from Silver Sound Entertainment, the party lasted well into the night. Guests had a great time playing centerpiece games, taking part in an anniversary dance (the winners had been married 49 years!), and enjoying a mix of modern and classic songs to dance to. Overall, it was an incredibly fun day and we were so happy to be a part of it. Congratulations Natasha and Phil! We wish you all the best in the future and thanks so much for letting us be a part of your special day!

Natasha & Phil’s Wedding:


Attention Seniors!!

There’s nothing more exciting than coming to the end of another school year. After months of endless papers, nerve-wracking presentations, and stressful projects, you’re probably ready for a serious break! Time to trade in that old school uniform for shorts and flip flops. Put away those textbooks and pull out those beach balls and sunscreen!

But as you prepare for those lazy, hazy summer days, don’t forget one very important thing… SENIOR PORTRAITS! What better way to kick off your summer and celebrate the start of your senior year than to have a full photo shoot just for you! Being a senior in high school is an incredibly fun and exciting time in life It’s your chance to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished over the last four years and the great transition you’re about to experience. In the same way, your senior portraits should be a celebration of you and everything you represent! So enjoy every minute of it! Don’t delay. Start your summer off the right way by setting up an appointment with us for your senior portraits!



But what do I wear? What should I do with my hair? Do I need to bring anything with me? Not to worry. We’ve got the perfect tips to help you prepare for your fabulous photos!

1) First and foremost, put yourself in the right frame of mind. Getting senior portraits done should be all about creativity and having fun! A positive mindset will always shine through in your photos and give you the best possible experience. Make sure you’re relaxed. Be open-minded. Don’t worry about the little details. We’re here to help you with everything. All you have to do is show up, look good, and smile big!



2) Be prepared. Just like with anything else, proper planning will make your session run smoothly and give you the opportunity to get all the shots you want in a short amount of time. Start brainstorming what sort of poses you’d like to do, what sort of props you want to bring, and what you’re going to wear. Get a good night sleep and drink lots of water the night before to keep your skin bright, hydrated, and free of exhaustion.



3) Dress appropriately. One of the most popular questions we get concerning senior portraits is “What should I wear?”. Most importantly, you want to dress in a way that reflects your personality and shows who you really are. Be comfortable. Don’t bring over the top outfits that you could never actually see yourself wearing. But at the same time, allow yourself to be stylish and play with your favorite outfits. Accessorize with sunglasses, earrings, or a nice necklace – but remember not to wear anything too crazy. Avoid patterned or brightly colored shirts that will distract from your face. Dark color and long or three-quarter length sleeves will slim you and allow the focus to remain on your smile. If you narrow it down to a few outfits but just can’t decide, bring them with you! We’ll help you decide what looks best and what will help your photo turn out well.



4) Don’t go over-the-top with hair and make-up. Wear your hair just as you normally would. Trying out a new hairstyle right before your portraits is never a good idea since it’s unfamiliar and hard to work with. Bring hairpins, clips, a brush, or a mirror to help you fix and fly-aways  and make any necessary touch ups. In the same way, don’t do anything too crazy with your make up. Be as natural as possible and avoid anything with glitter that will stick out in the photos or reflect light in a weird way. Nice make up will only help even your skin tones so you can really shine!



5) Don’t be afraid to play with props! This is your session and your chance to show everyone what you’re all about. Bring props that are meaningful to you or show what you’re involved in at school or in your community. Show off your musical instruments, sports equipment, or stuffed animals. Even feel free to bring your pets so you can have a little company in front of the camera!